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Yoga, Shakti Yoga Dance & Sound Relaxation

The Joy Of Movement & Relaxation


Shakti Yoga Dance & Sound Meditation
Available At Festivals & Retreats

Next Studio Date: Sat 25th Feb 1-3pm £10


Join me for a beautiful meditation and movement yoga based around feminine energy, the energy of goddesses, healing and love. Connecting with your physical body and enabling you to deeply relax and feel all the vibrations from the beautiful gongs as you drift into blissful relaxation.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. For the Shakti yoga dance sessions, bring a floaty scarf to dance with if you have one, I have lots to choose from if not. It's gentle, free flowing movement, not a fitness class. 😉


Please bring a mat, pillow, and blanket or an adjustable chair for your comfort to enable you to relax and enjoy.

The sound baths are not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy. If you have a pacemaker, metal implants, experience epilepsy or other types of seizures or have a sound sensitive condition such as Labrythitus or Meniers Disease or if you have any concerns, please do message me for information and reassurance as this is a general sound bath where a more individualised experience tailored to your needs may be more appropriate.

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Seated Yoga & Sound
Weekly at my studio

Wed 10-11am
Fri 9-30-10:30 am
Sat 9-10 am


Join me for a beautiful session of joyful movement, relaxation and connecting with our physical body whilst fully supported by a chair.
Through gentle movement we will stretch, mobalise joints and strengthen our core. Soothing through the joy of movment, reconnection and arriving within ourselves to enable us to feel all the vibrations from the gongs.
This is a small, intimate group enabling us to focus on our own self care, be guided in postures appropriate for you and benefit from the wonderfuls sounds and vibrations during relaxation. Bliss. 🥰❤️
A gentle, low energy level, hatha practice to stretch and ease your body without striving, suitable for beginners of all ages. The Friday session focuses on fatigue. Our senses become heighted whilst fatiged and this session is designed to release internal tension, soothe frayed nerves and muscles, increase oxygen levels, unlock the door and lead you into relaxation and self compassion.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Bring a blanket for your comfort during the savasana relaxation. There is the option to lay on the floor if you wish.

Maximum number is 4 people for a quiet, calm and personal experience.

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1-1 or 2-1 Private Seated Yoga

A 60 min session at a time of your choosing.

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