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Strengthen Your Connection With Nature

Working with the natural world, drum, rattle, spirit guides, crystals and stones. Following shamanic healing practices passed down through the generations to create a space of healing, returning you to wholeness, supporting energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical health.

You hold the key to your own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. The heartbeat rhythm is the first sound we hear and working with this transports your whole being to that moment of creation. Reminding you of your own ability to heal and transform.


1-1 Balance + Flow Energy Healing (Shamanic Healing) - 60 mins

As shamanic practitioner I offer healing practices passed down through the generations to create a space of healing, returning you to wholeness, supporting your wellbeing. Working within our modern world, restoring balance and flow.

Intelligent energy healing can benefit you if you are want to transform your life and feel better. Tired of feeling.....

  • stuck in a rut

  • unable to move on from a situation

  • feel held back

  • dealing with heartbreak or loss

  • not feeling yourself

  • dealing with challenging relationships

  • wanting to change jobs

  • navigating anxiety, low mood or long term ailments

  • wanting to make a change, but not sure what or how

These private sessions will lift and support you on many levels, helping to find the root cause and deal with it. Enabling you to move forward, invigorating your body's own natural healing process and boosting your vital energy.

They can include:

  • Guided Drum Journey - to connect in with your soul space.

  • Spirit Guide Connection - bringing in your guiding spirits for your highest good.

  • Energy Healing - restoring parts of your energetic field, your life energy that have been left behind or given away through life experiences. Restoring your energy, giving you back your power.

  • Energy Release - releasing and returning energy which is not yours from life experiences, past relationships and past lives.

  • Drum and/or rattle healing.

This session involves powerful energy work and as such, includes a follow up either in person/phone call/online to support you.


Past life gong bath.png

Past Life Meditation & Sound Bath
1-1 - 60 mins or Groups (1 to 5 people) - 90 mins

A beautiful session combining guided meditation and a gong bath.


Beginning with a beautiful, flowing gong bath for relaxation and create space for your personal journey into your subconscious and dreams.


Then being settled and relaxed, I will guide you through a drum meditation to strengthen your mind, body, soul connection. Creating a sense of wellbeing with the sound of a rhythmic drum beat, transporting you to your world of day dreaming.


Stepping back through time, encouraging your subconscious to wander through past moments/lifetimes gaining insight that supports you in this moment.

A chance to share and reflect if you wish with light refreshments.

60 mins 40

90 mins £55

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