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Strengthen Your Connection With Nature

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. The heartbeat rhythm is the first sound we hear and working with this transports our whole being to that moment of creation. Reminding us of our own ability to heal and transform.


60 min 1-1 Shamanic Healing

As a sacred drumming practitioner I offer shamanic healing practices passed down through the generations to create a space of healing, returning you to wholeness, supporting your wellbeing.

Through training and experience, working with nature, following a medicine path, bringing together my medicine drums, rattles etc. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and wishes. Particularly at times of change and transition, bringing rebirth and welcoming you home, encouraging you to be the bright star that you are. They include:

  • Power animal retrieval - bringing in the guiding spirits for your highest good.

  • Soul retrieval - returning parts of your energetic field, your life energy that have been left behind or given away through life experiences. Restoring your energy, giving you back your power.

This session involves powerful energy work and as such, includes a follow up appt either in person/phone call/online, 2 weeks later to support you.


The Art of Daydreaming - Guided Drum Journey Meditation

Join me for a transformational experience to connect to your inner wisdom and discover hidden secrets that will bring insight and balance to your life.

Many of us have forgotten how to daydream or don't give it the time in our busy lives. Daydreaming is a great way to become present in the moment, relax and manifest your deepest desires. 

A time to relax, be still, be calm and allow the drum to lead you through a beautiful meditation journey. A guided meditation journey that will leave you feeling calm, restored and relaxed.

We will then spend time creating either an image or writing our daydream to give us information and guidance. Allowing hidden messages to be set free.

No previous experience required, or artistic skill, you may wish to bring your own journal, pillow, blanket and eye covering for your own comfort. There are items to borrow at the studio.

Each session will have a unique theme.

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