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Therapeutic Art

Magical Realm To Pause & Be With Art

Offering both public group workshops and private sessions

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Healing Art Sound Bath - 120 mins

Mindfulness and meditative art to heal your heart, mind, body and soul. Restoring balance and alignment to your true self, your purpose and living a meaningful life.

Guided meditation to strengthen your mind and body connection, setting intentions for the month ahead. Creating a sense of wellbeing and creative self expression. Tuning into your subconscious for guidance and wisdom.

Exploring creative art through shapes and colour, supported by healing sounds and vibrations to empower and guide.

All materials provided. 



1-1 Sensorimotor Expressive Art - 90 mins

Held at my studio, this session is a hands on, active participation session. Once settled, we begin with a meditation to connect with yourself, observe how you are both physically and intuitively. Then with closed eyes to really feel into the moment, you are invited to express this with finger paints, crayons and/or pastels. Exploring each aspect in turn, expressing each feeling through movement, texture and colour. This is a powerful practice, producing a series of abstract images which slowly focus on your needs and personal growth. For most of us, the last time we used just our hands to play with paint without judgement was as a young child. This method frees your inner child, enabling deep insight and healing to occur. Water based paints and apron provided. Short sleeves or the ability to roll sleeves up is advised.


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1-1 Intention Setting Guided Art - 60 mins

Based at my Biggleswade studio. These beautiful sessions are tailored to your individual needs. We begin with a consultation to establish and set your focus. Perhaps moving on from a current situation, releasing relationships, ending patterns and starting anew, healing past wounds, gaining inspiration or manifesting your future.

Then lay or sit and allow the resonance and melody of the drum to carry you into your subconscious, on a guided meditation journey of self discovery and insight. My medicine drum and rattle have been handmade by myself with materials sourced from sustainable and eco friendly origins, honoring the gifts they have given to be treasured and shared. Fibreskin drum and rattle option available upon request.

You will then have time to express your insight in a creative way, unlocking your subconscious and valuable insight.

I will then support you as you unravel your story, revealing the unseen mysteries within.



Art Of Meditation Drop In Group - 60 mins

A beautiful combination of sound relaxation to inspire and connect to our imagination.  We will explore different themes each session, building a visual journal, developing our creative skills and confidence.

Basic materials are provided, if you have a sketchbook, journal and favourite media, bring it along.


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