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Therapeutic Art

Magical Realm To Pause & Be With Art


Therapeutic Art - 60 mins

A combination of therapeutic sound and person centered creative art to support your wellbeing. The session begins with sound to relax and calm your body and open the path to your subconscious to bring forward images which can be express with creative art. We will then work with your image to reveal it's messages from your subconscious. All materials are provided.


Therapeutic Art - 60 mins ONLINE

A therapeutic online session using zoom. Taking time to pause, rest and relax.   I will lead a guided meditation and introduce a theme for an image to manifest and invite you to express it either on paper ( you will need to supply your own materials for an online session) or electronically using zoom whiteboard. All instruction is included and no previous knowledge is required. We will then work with your image to reveal it's hidden messages.


Sensorimotor Expressive Art - 90 mins

Held at my studio, this session is a hands on, active participation session.Once settled, we begin with a meditation to connect with yourself, observe how you are both physically and intuitively. Then with closed eyes to really feel into the moment, you are invited to express this with finger paints, crayons and/or pastels. Exploring each aspect in turn, expressing each feeling through movement, texture and colour.This is a powerful practise, producing a series of abstract images which slowly focus on your needs and personal growth.For most of us, the last time we used just our hands to play with paint without judgement was as a young child. This method frees your inner child, enabling deep insight and healing to occur. Water based paints and apron provided. Short sleeves or the ability to roll sleeves up is advised.


Art Of Meditation Drop In Group - 60 mins

A beautiful combination of sound relaxation to inspire and connect to our imagination.  We will explore different themes each session, building a visual journal, developing our creative skills and confidence.

Basic materials are provided, if you have a sketchbook, journal and favourite media, bring it along. Refreshments are provided.

Thurs 10:10 - 11:10 am

£5 per session

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