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Aura Readings & Cleansing

Energetic Harmony


Chakra/Aura Reading & Cleanse

60 min session

Our bodies have a constant flow of energy impulses, most of which are autonomic. These impulses combine with our conscious thoughts to create an energetic aura, energy field. With the use of a variety of dowsing techniques, the energy field can be viewed and any fluctuations identified. The therapeutic use of energy meridians, Chi/Qi, shakti known to many modalities. This session offers insight into your own personal energy field with cleansing and balancing to restore flow and harmony. We will complete the session with wonderful sound relaxation.


Chakra/Aura Reading & Sound Healing

90 min session

An opportunity to delve into how your energy centres and aura are working for your benefit using a dowsing crystal. Once investigated, we'll then tune up and clear any blockages using Himalayan singing bowls and gongs. The bowls will be placed on your body to provide a sonic massage to deepen your relaxation experience. You'll also have a drawing of your reading to take away with you.

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